Welcome to Sequoia Gardens!

Right. Here I am, at last starting out  on my own blog, sharing my garden and my passion for gardening in Cyberspace.

Let me introduce myself. Jack Holloway the Gardener.  That is the name of my garden design company as well. Most South Africans look at you blankly when you call yourself a gardener by profession. A gardener, in the immortal words of a (black) shop assistant  “is the black man who pushes a wheelbarrow!”

I am not a landscaper, I am a gardener; I love gardens and gardening. It is a passion which has overrun my other careers, as a language teacher and (more briefly) in marketing and PR.  I was pushed over the edge into professional gardening after reading Russell Page’s autobiography, “The Education of a Gardener”. Need I say more?  Other than this happened 15 years ago, and I then was side-tracked back into teaching for 9 years when I gave up my city life and came to live on the farm full-time.  I left teaching – reluctantly in many ways for I loved my job – at the end of 2008.  At 52 I figure it is about time to embark on a final career phase.

My garden on Sequoia runs to 10 hectares, or 25 acres. I hasten to add that that includes nearly 2 hectares of water, and a great portion where the hand of man rests lightly on Nature. But it also includes, for instance, a highly formal garden of 6x6m, and an extensive section which is formally laid out and introspective within the greater setting of a beautiful, narrow valley.

Pictures will follow, although it is difficult to know where to start. With my masthead? The bridge is the icon of my garden and is bound to feature (and be explained) sooner rather than later. Oh, and for those who (he said hopefully) are impatient to learn more about my garden – I have been contributing for over 3 years to the forums at http://www.mooseyscountrygarden.com , first as Jack Holloway and after my allocation was used up, as Jack Two. It is a lovely site, with a lovely Head Gardener, and I urge you to explore it!

Now – curiosity having got the better of me – I shall post this (post this post?) after attempting to add a rather random (as my pupils love to say) photograph of my garden…

Taken from the bridge seen in the masthead in earliest autumn; my house is over to the right.

Taken from the bridge seen in the masthead in earliest autumn; my house is over to the right.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Sequoia Gardens!

  1. yay! I’m really glad you’re doing this. I used to love your posts about your garden on Moosey’s website. Can’t wait to follow this journey with you.

    • Thanks Lynne!
      It was a rather impulsive start after chancing on a lovely WordPress blog – http://myenglishcountrygarden.com/
      It was so easy to get going, within two hours from thinking ‘what the heck’ it was done! Now I must just plan the introduction whilst starting the diary… I shall try to move whole sections across from Moosey’s as well, where I am still contributing.
      Nice to hear from you – as you’ve said – one day we really should meet up in the real world! 😉

  2. Congratulations! Let’s hope this is the start of something big! Love the masthead, always been my favourite view. Lots of luck and chats!!

    • Hi Sarina! Lovely surprise! Dis ‘n genuine 3D brug. A little off the wall (if you can say that of a bridge!) I call the style Rustic Deconstructivist Japanese… too difficult to explain. You will have to come visit and see for yourself!

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