Photo gallery

 A whirlwind tour through the gardens and cottages – the seasons, the spaces, the moods… and even the publicity!


The House that Jack Built

The House that Jack Built from across Freddy's Dam in autumn
Spring view - Clematis at the front door and the Cottage Garden
Much of the interior woodwork is Sequoia - American Redwood

Looking out through the big blue bay window, which is 3m x 3m


The ladder has deep treads and extends way up, so that you step comfortably side-ways on and off it. Most of the wood you see here is Sequoia, including the ladder.


Croft Cottage - recently renovated from a century old farm building


Simple, old-fashioned charm is the Croft Cottage theme


A backdrop of trees and a century-old barn flank Croft Cottage.


A stoep to dream on.


An old-fashioned kitchen dresser sets the mood.


The Plett:

The 2nd roof over The Plett will not only keep it in mint condition for another 20 years, it is also now much cooler in summer. Soon the huge pergola will be covered in creepers.


Although compact, The Plett is a neat and comfortable base from which to explore Sequoia Gardens and 'The Mountain'!



The garden: four seasons, many moods

No matter how hard I try, azaleas in spring is what people come to see in my garden
But the gardens do not look too shabby at other times


My favourite season is autumn, and I've been told that in a good year we compare with the best in the world...
Winter has a charm all of its own and is definitely not a dead season...

In fact, when combined with a log fire, it is possibly the most relaxing season of all!
But by the end of winter one is ready for some colour

Darn! I did it again - the azalea cliche; here we have wisteria and bearded iris
Summer brings a period of calm...
… well, perhaps ‘calm’ is not always quite the right word…
Nothing, however, beats the drama of autumn
nor its subtle beauty
Don't under-estimate the drama of winter
Although winter is possibly also the most serene season
And then along comes spring and a new beginning
And summer rains help swell the biomass
and colours reign supreme...
... but none so much as green!
In a very un-African way autumn here can be a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
a time of introspection
and of cathedral light
before yet another winter
with its long shadows...
I'm trying to offer more than the azalea-cliche spring
a summer that references all that is golden in gardening
and a no-holds-barred, in your face, take it with salt on your thumb and a lemon wedge afterwards autumn! AMEN

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