Gardeninggonewild have launched their latest photography contest, and throwing caution to the wind I have decided to enter – not because I’ve got prize-winning photos in my opinion, but because I do have prize-winning subject matter! Not surprisingly, the subject is ‘Winter’ – and in South Africa it is – as I’ve none to subtly been pointing out – summer. So I trawled through some old photos I took during the past three years. I’ve narrowed my search down to three possibilities. But which is the best, or the most suitable candidate to enter?

*IDEA!* Put it to my friends. Ask them to comment and suggest which they think is the best and if possible why. Ask for negative criticism too: why is a particular photo not the best candidate. After all, we are all much more subjective about our own work than other people’s. I look forward to hearing your opinion, and I thank you in advance for helping me to decide which photo to enter!

1 A wheelbarrow's winter

2 Winter sunrise

3 Ode to winter

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